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Research on use of simulation in Europe

18 jun

AFAC Australia co-sponsored a project in which CrisisSim did Research on the use of Simulation for Training European Fire and Rescue Services.

Lead Researcher Thomas Van 'T Wout collected data in Europe using a questionnaire and interviews. The results were shared in a presentation at ITEC 2019 Conference in Stockholm (Sweden) and at the AFAC Simulation Forum in Melbourne (Australia).

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XVR Simulator's (re)launch in North America

23 apr

The W.S.Darley& Co booth at FDIC 2019 was the stage of XVR's (re)launch in North America allowing a unique opportunity to spread the word about XVR amongst FDIC attendees.

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Disastrous week awaits Vancouver at FDIC 2019

02 apr

The virtual city of Vancouver, BC (Canada) is bracing itself for a disastrous week. The virtual city will be the scene of many different incidents and disasters during the upcoming Fire Departments Instructors Conference - FDIC - in Indianapolis, IN (USA) from April 11 to 13.

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XVR Simulation on show at FDIC 2019 @wsdarley

23 feb

XVR will be shown at the W.S.Darley&Co Innovation Zone at FDIC. As North America’s XVR Support Center, CrisisSim will support W.S.Darley & Co to demonstrate XVR to the show visitors.

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Experience RiVR Investigate at IAAIITC Florida

23 feb

CrisisSim will support RiVR Investigate to demonstrate their photo-realistic Fire & Arson Investigation VR training at the IAAIITC Conference.

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CrisisSim supports MSB Sweden to research the use of VR for fire fighting skills

05 feb

MSB Sweden's project ERIA- Early Responders Innovation Arena supports tests of new methods, processes and technology within the rescue and safety area.

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AFAC Australia asks CrisisSim to research use of simulation training in Europe

01 feb

AFAC have asked CrisisSim to undertake an in-depth qualitative and quantitative research of the extent simulation technology is used amongst emergency services outside of Australia and New Zealand, with a key focus on Europe.

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TEEX-ESTI is CrisisSim’s first US XVR customer

09 dec

CrisisSim is proud to be appointed as "XVR North America Support Center" and announce that TEEX-ESTI (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Emergency Services Training Institute) have signed a multi-year agreement with CrisisSim to use the XVR On Scene simulator in its courses to industrial and municipal fire departments.

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Two months of VR in action

06 dec

Here is a selection of the photos and links to videos from the past two months of innovations from FLAIM, RiVR and GreenDino in action in Netherlands, United Kingdom,  United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany and the United States.

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CrisisSim supports FLAIM Systems' business development in Europe and Middle East

01 nov

FLAIM Systems from Australia, supplier of world's most immersive Virtual Reality fire fighting training system have appointed Martijn Boosman as Vice President Europe and Middle East

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Research update: Dr. Vitor Reis' PhD research on decision making using XVR and Effective Command

08 okt

Vitor Reis, Deputy Director of Portugal’s National Fire Academy ENB (Escola Nacional de Bombeiros) was recently awarded a PhD from the Universidade Aberta for applying virtual reality simulation (VRS) in the training of firefighters to develop decision-making competences.

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Worth reading: Crisis Communication by Kjell Brataas

05 okt

In his book Kjell Brataas, Norwegian senior crisis communication advisor, is sharing his personal lessons learned in the variety of devastating events he has been involved in such as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, in which 84 Norwegians died, and the 2011 terrorist attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, during which 77 people were killed.

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ITEC 2019 is inviting abstracts about simulation used in civil safety & security training

23 aug

For many years the ITEC International Training and Education Conference has been focused at Defence training simulation. ITEC 2019 committee member Martijn Boosman is inviting the civil safety and security community to submit abstracts and help widen the focus.

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An introduction letter to my relations

23 aug

More than 18 years ago I took the daring step to start up XVR and, as part of a great team grow this company into the world-leading company it is now. The time has come for me to spread my entrepreneurial wings again and start something from the ground up. This time, the start-up is called CrisisSim.

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