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18 jun

Australian AFAC (the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council) co-sponsored a project in which CrisisSim did Research on the use of Simulation for Training European Fire and Rescue Services.

Lead Researcher Thomas Van 'T Wout collected quantitative and qualitative data from 39 emergency response training organisations in 16 countries around Europe using a questionnaire and interviews. 

The data was collected by sending a questionnaire by email to more than 100 Fire & Rescue and Civil Defence organizations in Europe. Questions were asked about reason of using virtual simulation, the type of use, the budget, the limit, the added value and the expectations of future developments. The answers were collected and aggregated and used to create a presentation and a publication. 

In addition to the questionnaire data was collected through interviews and creation of videos of "simulation in use". The objective was to understand and see how Fire & Rescue and Civil Defence are using virtual simulation in their training and exercises. Three video interviews are published  

It was agreed with the respondents that the source data of the questionnaire would not be made publicly available. This webpages contains the publicly available deliverables of this project:

1) Presentation with research results
The presentation and the anonymized data are available for download below.

  • AFAC Simulation Forum in Melbourne (Australia) on .19 June 2019 presented by Mr. Martijn Boosman (click here for CV)

2) Scientific Paper 
The paper is available for download below.

  • ITEC 2019 Conference in Stockholm (Sweden) from 14-16 May 2019 presented by Col. Martin Thomsen and Mr. Thomas Van 't Wout (see CV's below)

3) Interview videos

4) Simulation in use videos

Lead Researcher 

Thomas Van 't Wout is a Virtual Simulation Consultant with an Executive MBA in Marketing and Management. For the past 10 years, Thomas has worked with European Civil Protection Services in the implementation of Virtual Reality for training and exercises. He has also participed in many large scaled, multi-risks and multi-agencies simulation exercises all over Europe. He is now helping many virtual reality provider in designing and distributing their solutions to the Civil Protection world.

Co-author and co-speaker ITEC 2019 Conference

Col. Martin Thomsen, Msc (CD) is Head of College Danish Emergency Management Agency. He has been actively involved in managing crises at national and international level. Under his leadership, DEMA College is implementing innovative learning technologies including virtual simulation.

pdf Presentation (no video) - Research on the use of virtual simulation for training (AFAC and CrisisSim 2019)
pdf Data - Research on the use of virtual simulation for training (AFAC and CrisisSim 2019) - anonymized
pdf Extended_Abstract_Template_ITEC2019___FINAL

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