AFAC Australia asks CrisisSim to research use of simulation training in Europe

01 feb

Australian and New Zealand Fire & Rescue organisations are amongst the leading users of simulation technology for training and education. AFAC, the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services for Australia and New Zealand wants to broaden the knowledge and understanding of simulation technology for educational purposes further.

AFAC have asked CrisisSim to undertake an in-depth qualitative and quantitative research of the extent simulation technology is used amongst emergency services outside of Australia and New Zealand, with a key focus on Europe. A key focus of the research will be on the use of simulation technology to support training for natural fires (bush, forest, wildfires) through aerial reconnaissance and aerial suppression methods. 


CrisisSim has requested simulation expert Thomas van ‘t Wout to undertake the research as part of his academic MBA university programme. The research will be supervised by Col. Martin Thomsen, Head of DEMA Emergency Services College who will make use of parts of the research outcomes for the presentation he is giving at ITEC 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden from 14 to 16 May. 


Thomas van ‘t Wout and Col. Thomsen invite educators who use simulation training to fill in a questionnaire. The raw data will be anonymised and only used for the AFAC research. The information developed on basis of the raw data, will be part of the ITEC presentation and published in the article: “An overview and analysis of the use of simulation training in Fire & Rescue and Civil Defence in Europe.” Kindly click the button below to access the questionnaire.

Click here to fill in the questionnaire.

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