An introduction letter to my relations

23 aug

Delft, 23 August 2018

Dear XVR user, partner, friend or relation,

For the past 18 years I have been proud member of the XVR team which helped develop simulation into a proven and widely used learning method to educate, train and assess safety & security professionals.

The time has come for me to spread my entrepreneurial wings again and start something from the ground up. From 1 October 2018 I will once again start-up a company, this time called “CrisisSim”.

It has been an honour and a sincere pleasure to have worked with you, and for you in the past years. You have taught me about your work, your culture and you have shared with me many valuable personal experiences.

I will not leave the safety & security training domain, so my departure from XVR is not a farewell.  The speed of innovation in the simulation domain is fast. New technologies appear and it is not an easy task for training providers in fire & rescue, law enforcement and medical organisations to keep up. In CrisisSim I plan to help training providers to better understand technology and make the right choices. CrisisSim advises, explains and helps you to create and implement your simulation training strategy. Furthermore I will introduce exciting innovations to simulation training users and in the future focus at expanding XVR into North America.

Although I am officially leaving XVR as employee, I will remain XVR shareholder and I will stay closely involved with XVR and its Sales Partners. 

I sincerely hope the future will hold an opportunity to meet and possibly work together again. 

My new contact details are:

+31651605841 (unchanged)

Warm regards

Martijn Boosman

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