CrisisSim supports FLAIM Systems' business development in Europe and Middle East

01 nov

FLAIM Trainer® is a fire fighter training simulator which provides an immersive virtual reality environment combined with realistic scenarios, patented force feedback system, breathing apparatus, real branches and nozzles, and heated personal protective clothing, to provide a unique training and engagement experience. FLAIM Trainer® is a safe low cost, mobile and distributed solution that can simulate a range of fire events and conditions for training fire fighters. 

FLAIM is in use at a number of users worldwide. Click here to see a video showing FLAIM in use at Country Fire Authority in Victoria, Australia. 

FLAIM Systems, a spin-off start-up of Deakin University in Geelong, VIC, Australia have appointed CrisisSim's Founder and CEO Martijn Boosman as Vice President Europe and Middle East. Martijn will dedicate a part of his time to promote FLAIM in these regions in close collaboration with FLAIM's local reseller network. 

FLAIM Trainer fits perfectly in CrisisSim's portfolio in which the state of the art solutions for Simulation, 3D Content and Immersion are combined. FLAIM is aimed at skills training of fire fighters providing a perfect match with live fire training (hot drills) and command development with the XVR Simulation Platform.

More information about FLAIM can be found on the FLAIM website. 

Feel free to contact us to receive more information or request a demonstration of the FLAIM System.

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