CrisisSim supports MSB Sweden to research the use of VR for fire fighting skills

05 feb

MSB, Sweden’s National Contingency Agency, has an ongoing project ERIA- Early Responders Innovation Arena with the objective to set up a living lab to support tests of new methods, processes and technology within the rescue and safety area. The project is co-financed by the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova.

CrisisSim will be included in a test focused on the use of VR (Virtual Reality) technology for fire fighting skills. The research will be undertaken at MSB’s College in Sandö, Sweden where 32 fire fighter candidates will be exposed to the FLAIM Trainer VR training solution which combines immersion into a 3D world using a head mounted display with real fire fighting equipment like a nozzle, hosereel and BA (breathing apparatus) set. Key observation objectives are the realism the VR training can offer and the effectiveness of VR to create a near-to-real experience allowing the participants to show realistic nozzle-techniques and fire fighting tactics.

CrisisSim’s role is to organise and support the research days as VR operator. The observation and further analysis of the data will be undertaken by MSB instructors under coordination of Ms. Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark, MSB’s simulation coordinator. Results of the research will be included in Ms. Hammar Wijkmark’s presentation at ITEC where MSB will be organising an International Simulation Workshop.

Click here to read more about the ERIA project (in Swedish, English version is in production)

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