Disastrous week awaits Vancouver at FDIC 2019

02 apr

The virtual city of Vancouver, BC (Canada) is bracing itself for a disastrous week. The virtual city will be the scene of many different incidents and disasters during the upcoming Fire Departments Instructors Conference - FDIC - in Indianapolis, IN (USA) from April 11 to 13.

The incidents and disasters will be created in the XVR Simulation Platform for incident command training which will be on display at W.S.Darley&Co's booth #3721.

Click here for a first example of the unlimited number of incidents that can be created in XVR.

XVR is a very user friendly VR virtual reality simulation platform to create incident and disaster scenarios. The scenarios can be used for education, training and assessments. XVR can be used to educate, train and assess all levels of safety & security professionals in all emergency response organisations. Risk awareness, size-up, command & control, training standard operating procedures and many more learning objectives can be achieved using XVR.

Participants in the FDIC pre-conference workshop "Training for the Future - Reality in Virtual Reality" by Paul Speight can get hands-on experience using the XVR Simulation Platform. XVR will be one of the VR tools used during the workshop to allow participants to experience how different VR training tools can be used to achieve a large variety of learning outcomes. Other VR tools used in the workshop include RiVR Investigate and FLAIM Trainer.

Virtual Vancouver is one of the many 3D virtual environments available in the XVR Library. Virtual Vancouver is the first of a series of high quality North American urban environments which GeoSim Systems will create for use in XVR.

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