TEEX-ESTI is CrisisSim’s first US XVR customer

09 dec

CrisisSim is proud to announce that TEEX-ESTI (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Emergency Services Training Institute) have signed a multi-year agreement with CrisisSim to use the XVR On Scene simulator in its courses to industrial and municipal fire departments.

CrisisSim will deliver the XVR software and support to TEEX doing business as “XVR North America Support Center”. XVR Simulation from the Netherlands, global leaders in incident command training simulation have appointed CrisisSim as their exclusive Distributor for the North American market.  CrisisSim’s focus will be on the civil and defence fire departments as well as the law enforcement agencies. The XVR Simulation platform fits very well with the increased focus in North America on improved incident command development within the framework of the USA and Canadian Incident Command Systems (ICS).

The “XVR North America Support Center” is looking forward to actively support the XVR users including the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority, the Canadian Forces Fire/and CBRN Academy and the City of London, ON fire department in Canada. The XVR North America Support Center will initially be managed by CrisisSim from The Netherlands. A North America based office is planned to be set up in the near future.

The XVR North America Support Center will be provide XVR licenses and be available to provide training and support services as well as custom 3D content creation like 3D environments, avatars and other 3D objects).

CrisisSim will work closely with the existing XVR resellers Drivewise and Futureshield in Canada and RESOLVE Academy in the USA and support them to expand the use of XVR amongst the emergency response services in Canada and the United States. CrisisSim plans to expand the existing sales partner network in North America and invites organisations with an interest in virtual simulation training to contact us.

The XVR North America Support Centre will align closely with XVR’s global maritime and offshore reseller Blue Orange Wave to promote and deliver XVR to the large community of training organisations in that field.

Top photograph: XVR CEO Joost Beerthuis (right) and CrisisSim's Martijn Boosman 

Middle photograph: TEEX-ESTI Preparedness Program Director Mike Gibler and CrisisSim's Martijn Boosman at TEEX-ESTI in College Station, TX, USA

Bottom photograph: One of the many training props at the TEEX Training Field in College Station, TX

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