Two months of VR in action

06 dec

Not a Blog this time but is a selection of the photos and links to videos from the past two months of innovations from FLAIM, RiVR and GreenDino in action in Edinburgh, Dubai, Rome, Sicily, Woensdrecht, Orlando, College Station and Berlin.

Thank you to all the fire fighters, emergency responders and members of the public of experiencing the innovations and sharing your feedback with me during the demonstrations.

  • In preparation for the training of trainers of the first Netherlands FLAIM customers (Royal Netherlands Air Force) FLAIM Trainer was presented to the Team at KENBRI, the Benelux Distributors for the FLAIM Trainer. Click here to see a video (in Dutch) showing FLAIM Trainer in action including feedback from an experienced Dutch fire fighter. 

  • Late October brought us to the IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) Annual Conference in Edinburgh where both FLAIM Trainer and RiVR were shows to the delegates. A large number of delegates experiences the two VR training systems. Click here to see a video of long-time IFE Fellow Mr. George Almond using FLAIM. 

  • Early October, FLAIM Trainer was demonstrated at the CTIF (International Association of Fire & Rescue Services) Seminar in Brussels. This video shows FLAIM Trainer being used in full protective fire fighting gear by Neza Strmole from Slovenia. The video was created by by Björn Ulfsson, CTIF's Communications Coordinator. Click here to see the News article on the CTIF website.

  • A variety of different emergency response professionals in the United Arab Emirates experienced FLAIM and concluded that it offered a close-to-life training experience which could considerably increase training throughput in the hot desert months. 

  • Subsequent presentations in Italy to aircraft rescue and fire fighting professionals and Germany to manufacturing fire and rescue services received much enthusiasm. 

  • At IITEC in Orlando, the RiVR system was demonstrated to international delegates at the ITEC booth. Subsequently demonstrations to fire & rescue professionals in Illinois and Texas resulted in important and useful didactical feedback for the RiVR development team.  

Now that I have seen Virtual Reality being used enthusiastically by experienced emergency responders so many times in a short period of time I am confident that VR is not just a nice-to-have, but has become a powerful training method. The users I have seen all became immersed from the moment they put on their headsets. The technology does not interfere at all with the learning and I observed no dizziness uncomfort at all amongst the users. 

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