Worth reading: Crisis Communication by Kjell Brataas

05 okt

Kjell Brataas, a native Norwegian residing just outside of Oslo, served has had his share of crisis communications experience in devastating events, such as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, in which 84 Norwegians died, and the 2011 terrorist attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, during which 77 people were killed.

Kjell is sharing his experience in his book Crisis Communication, Case Studies and Lessons Learned from International Disasters”. The book is an in-depth examination of recent tragedies and natural disasters that have occurred around the globe. The book covers three types of incidents: natural catastrophes, accidents and terror attacks. It focuses on the communication aspect of each incident and provides accounts from people handling the event. Each chapter offers a detailed description of the event and supplementary facts and illustrations from a variety of sources.

With a focus on critical communication elements and lessons learned, Brataas offers valuable advice - based on personal experience with natural disasters, accidents and terror attacks - on some of the most effective ways to prepare for and deal with a crisis. Topics range from interview situations and social media to victim support and active shooter events.

Click here to read an interview with the author on the Crisis Communicator website. 

This book will be invaluable to those working in public relations and communications, as well as to those working with human resources and general management.

The book is published under ISBN numbers:

ISBN-13: 978-1498751346

ISBN-10: 1498751342

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