3D content creation support

As user of simulation training tools you wish to make your simulation exercises as realistic as possible. Finding reliable, fast and cost-effective suppliers is not always easy. Especially in the complex field of 3D environment (terrain) modeling. 

CrisisSim has the knowledge and experience to help you find and choose the best 3D modeling suppliers from within its 3D Partner network. CrisisSim’s Partner network includes Certified XVR 3D modelers who can create 3D environments (terrains) which work guaranteed in the latest version of XVR. CrisisSim‘s Partner network includes 3D modelers with different key competencies:

  • 3D object modeling (e.g. vehicles and equipment)
  • Human avatar modeling
  • Natural environment modeling (e.g. for forest fire training)
  • Urban modeling (e.g. building interiors like tunnels and airports)
  • Large scale urban environment modeling (cities)
  • High detail industrial environment modeling (refineries, process plants)
Feel free to contact us to:

  • Explain you the possibilities and pitfalls of 3D modeling
  • Help sharpen your 3D modeling question to ensure you ask the right technical questions 
  • Allow us to find you the best supplier or propose a short list of candidates
  • Allow us to deliver a turn-key service, from first requirement to completed 3D object, avatar or environment model
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The images on this page are examples of 3D content created by CrisisSim’s 3D modeling Partners GeoSim Systems and PONT Valabre.

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