Training curriculum (re)design

Using simulation technology it is possible to create very engaging teaching methods which fit the new, young generation of safety & security professionals. 

Implementing simulation into an existing curriculum is however a very challenging task. From personal experience we have seen that simulation training projects can stall or stop as result of the complexity of revising an existing curriculum.

Challenges encountered include:

  • What exactly can simulation be used for - which learning objectives, what learning audience
  • Which technology to choose in an every changing field of suppliers, technologies and possibilities
  • Replacing existing teaching methods which have been in use for many years (culture shock)
  • Re-training instructors to use the new simulation method
  • Convincing senior management to make funds available to allow acquisition and maintenance of a simulation solution
  • Convincing senior management to make funds available to assign enough staff resources to use the simulation solution effectively

Feel free to contact us to:

  • Plan a introductory discussion about your future ideas or existing challenges
  • Allow us to propose a plan of approach to provide you with strategic advice
  • Introduce you to other simulation users which have solved similar challenges
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