Training & exercise coaching

CrisisSim has experience in designing and executing safety & security exercises. Examples of exercises where CrisisSim has supported its Partners include:

  • Large scale live crisis management exercises (Netherlands, Italy)
  • National command post exercises with XVR Crisis Media support (Australia, Romania)
  • Disaster medicine exercises using the EmergoTrain System (multiple countries)
  • XVR On Scene fire & rescue command and control simulation exercises in sim suites (multiple countries)
  • XVR On Scene and Crisis Media multi-level exercises in sim suites (multiple countries)
Our support role has varied from exercise design to exercise control staff and role-playing a simulated journalists or social media.

Feel free to contact us to discuss if our support can be of added value to you or if we can be of service to find appropriate support in our Partner network.

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The images on this page are examples of exercises where Martijn Boosman from CrisisSim was involved. 

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